A Militia  is commonly used today to refer to a military force composed of ordinary citizens to provide defense,  
emergency law enforcement, or paramilitary service, in times of emergency without being paid a regular
salary or committed to a fixed term of service.


Everyone is welcome regardless of race, age, gender, color, religion, or political affiliation, provided you do
not wish  to bring harm to our country or citizens.

We do not allow anyone who has been:

1) Dishonorably discharged from the Military

2) Anyone with a Felony conviction

3) Anyone not allowed to own a Firearm

You can become a Lone Star Militia member when you are interviewed by the Area commander, 1SG and  
Lieutenant. You are not considered a member by simply emailing.

This is a voluntary organization and you can join or leave at any time. We ask that you let us know that you
no longer would like to be part of the Lone Star Militia.

The Lone Star Militia is not a “Gun club” that just meets once a month to shoot guns. Your involvement
with us means that you are going to actively work toward being prepared to serve your Community, City, State or   
Country. That means  that you participate on a regular basis in meetings and training events that are planned.

Oaths and Affirmations:

Since this is a voluntary organization we do not require “Oaths” to be taken, however it does benefit the
group as a whole to hear someone verbally state their intentions to help the “Cause”. We have one Oath and one  
Affirmation that you can choose to speak in front of the group if you so desire. The Oath is the basic form
of the current U.S. Military says and will go like this:

"I, _____, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against
all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Secondly for those of you that have religious convictions against taking a “Oath”, you may simple state your  
intentions through a “Affirmation”. The basic Affirmation will go like this:

“I,_____, do affirm that I will protect our God given rights, my country, and My State, Family and Militia
members  to the best of my ability.”

DO NOT talk about or send out emails to other members about making bombs or explosives.  
You will be asked to leave and reported to the authorities!

DO NOT bring materials to make a bomb to any meetings or training we are having!
You will be asked to leave and reported to  the authorities!

DO NOT talk about or email any member mentioning killing or assassinating any person or group, DO NOT do it!
You will be asked to leave and reported to the authorities!

DO NOT bring any illegal firearms to any meetings or trainings! If you have a Class 2 or 3 licenses, then you need to
have the   proper paperwork with you when you have the weapon with you at any training! If you don’t then you will be
asked to leave.

DO NOT ask any other member to “hold” something for you or “take” something for you that you supposedly can’t have!
If this happens to any member please report it to the next in command immediately!

DO NOT take any pictures of Military installations or send such pictures through the internet to fellow TM members!

If you have any unrelated pictures of things that weren’t previously mentioned that you feel would be of valuable
intelligence,  you need to first take those to your commanding officer Commanding Officer and see if they
deems it appropriate!
The Central Texas Militia is working with Original Productions to produce a possible TV
series about the Central Texas Militia. You can see the work they do here.
Welcome to the
The LONE STAR MILITIA will be going to Joplin Missouri Wednesday, June 1st. 2011
with approval from the State Rep to help clean up and support the local disaster relief
" The LONE STAR MILITIA  is an organization that believes in being Productive as apposed to Destructive.
We believe in the strength of our Communities, Towns, Cities, State and Country. We are NON-POLITICAL.
We are a source of strength and support for our family, friends and neighbors during troubled times.
We are there when needed, always training, always prepared. "